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How the hell did you even get so many followers! I'm not hating or anything I just don't understand how anyone can get so popular on this god forsaken website. Like, did you kill a rapist and posted a selfie with his dead corpse or some shit?? What's your secret man?

Almost…i make lame jokes

in Qatar there are no taxes. Education, healthcare, water and electricity are all free. If you’re of legal age and unemployed the government pays you until you have a job and if you get married they give you a free real estate and a loan so you can build a house. I want to continue but i might cry.

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(Just using your blog as a platform to convey information re: voting) If you're 16 or older PLEASE enrol to vote at the AEC's website, you won't be able to vote until 18 but at least you will be enrolled. Last election 1 MILLION 18-19 year olds were not enrolled to vote, that's 1 in 22 Australians. (You can also avoid a nasty fine of $56)

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steasl his look : SpongeBob

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